NBA 2K17 App Reviews

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Great Game....But??

Its a good game but it would be amazing i would tell everyone about it and give it a 5 star if it had MyPark #gameoftheyearifithadthat

2k you disappoint me

I spent 8 dollars hoping its not a rip-off like the nba2k16. THIS IS NOT EVEN CLOSE TO BETTER! Every action save, save, save. This drains battery SUPER QUICK! The rng is nowhere near fair, for I need to restart a game in my career every time even though I have the easiest settings. Thank goodness my mom is buying me a PS4 because the mobile version is just that bad.


The Game is constantly exiting Me out The App When it says Loading ICloud save Data Can I Have A Refund Nothing Else Or Ima sue you


The Game is constantly exiting Me out The App When it says Loading ICloud save Data

Two stars

Every time I try to play this game at full battery, I only play maybe three minutes before my iPod dies, and it crashes a lot.


Wont save,keeps showing knicks logo then kicks me out of the app every time i press play!!! DONT waste money


This game wont let me download it. I spent $8 on a game that wont even download! Its not storage issues, its the game. It says "Can not download" even when Im on the strongest wifi!! I dont understand and I really want to play this game. All my friends have it, and now I want to play it but I cant. Can someone please help me??


Dont even bother buying this game not even worth it at all. How can game cost this much but still be bad at the same time. This game is slowly killing me in to the point of insanity :)

Good Game but Needs Improvement

The game is overall really good but there are some improvements that would make it better and more entertaining. First, they should add that you can change difficulty on my career because I average 55ppg, 11apg, 7spg, 6rpg, and 4bpg. Second, sometimes there are glitches that erase saved statistics on my career. Third, you cant become a legend because you can only upgrade your guy to a 88-89 depends on the archetype. Last, the my player creation is limited especially with the face types and hair, also you cant change the weight and you can only go to 71 in height. Concluding, if they add these changes to the update the game would get 5 stars.

Excellent game

I definitely love this game. Perfect graphics and gameplay is very smooth...

Cant Jump on offense rebound

Since 2k16 Ive been commenting on this issue. On MyPlayer Mode, you cant jump on offense to grab rebounds; equaling low offensive rebound stats on both games. Lack of game IQ awareness by not facing the direction who their defending or running into or threw balls rather than grab them.

You guys seriously need to fix the bugs.

Its ridiculous. You pay 7 dollars for a game and you cant even play a quick game match without the app crashing. It has great potential but seriously its absurd how many bugs there are.


A couple bugs, but so fun and amazing


Please add the park

Not a good game

This game is fun, but it takes up a ton of storage on the iPhone!!! Its ridiculous! Its insane it takes up about 3 gigs!!! And the quick game mode wont even work!!! It needs to be fixed! I cant even download it on to my phone and I have 8 free gigs!! Its insane!!! FIX IT PLEASE!!


I love the game and im glad you can finally change the quarter length, but i hate that you start at such a low rating no matter how high you are drafted and its just impossible to be a star immediately, takes a couple seasons usually. Also i wish they could do endorsements like they did in 2k16 where you could see pictures or videos, i mean its a small thing but it was still pretty cool in my opinion. Just keep it up and keep improving every year and i will keep buying, all i really care about is my career so...


Crashes every time I try to load MyCareer

Would be better if...

I love this game and have been playing for a while but I think Im gonna stop. In no game mode can you dunk, pretty stupid. In my player the icons dont switch fast enough for you to ever get an offensive rebound unless it falls right into your hands. You cant dunk at all it just does a layup every time even though there are rewards and badges for dunking... Makes it impossible to play. Probably done with this game now

Please help

2k I want to tell you guys that Ive been having a problem. Whenever I try to log in to my career it glitches and backs out to the home screen. Please help me because I love this game a lot and I dont want this glitch to ruin my experience with the game.


Dont even bother buying this game not even worth it at all

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